I love Christmas ornaments

One of the things I really enjoy doing is giving Christmas ornaments as gifts to my kids. Every year since they have been born I have given them at least one Christmas ornament for their own collection. I figured that way, when they are grown and on their own, they will be able to have a good start on their own collection of family christmas ornaments here in a storage box, waiting for them to pick up and take back with them to decorate their first very own tree. Hopefully the different ornaments will provide them with good memories of their childhood, and give them a good head start on their own family trees!

Coupon Crazy

Lately I have been searching out coupons to save money on as many different purchases as possible. I used to be very frugal and then I guess I got a little lazy about sorting and keeping track of the different coupons and expiration dates. Now that I want to get back on the Frugal Train, my first thought was to search out coupons and I found a great place online to help with that.

For example, I need to buy some shoes, so I searched online for the shoes I want to get at Shoebuy and then I found the coupon to save more money!

I love shopping for shoes online, because there is no frustration from shopping in the stores and not finding the right size or color. When I shop online, I know right away if they have the right size, and I can see in the image window what the different colors look like. But if I happen to be be out and shopping at the mall or near some of my favorite stores, like Payless Shoes, I can get online coupons to help me save on those purchases.

This works for women’s shoes as well as men’s shoes. If you know that you need a particular size, shopping online is the easiest way to buy men’s shoes, and they deliver the shoes right to your front door within just a couple of days. I found a great pair of Johnston and Murphy Shoes that had a coupon deal and they turned out to be cheaper than any of the local stores.

Pretty promise rings

promise rings (free clip art)

promise rings (free clip art)

I was looking in my jewelry box earlier today, and found some old jewelry I had forgotten that I had. Two of the items that brought back a lot of melancholy memories were promise rings for girlfriend that I had been given by special people that had broken my heart when I was a young adult.

The rings are very pretty, and I am torn about what to do with them. On the one hand, I don’t see a reason to keep them – the memories are bittersweet, and I’m not sure that I want those memories anymore! I don’t want to throw them away, but I don’t really have anyone to give them to in my family that would like them. I doubt that I could get any “real” money for them. Maybe I should take them down to the pawn shop and see what they have to say about them. When they were given to me I was told that they were high quality rings, but I suspect that they probably are not what they were all cracked up to be.

If You Break It – You Bought It

It seems to me to be our social convention, if not law, that if you break something that is not yours, then you have the obligation to buy, repair or replace it. So why Unite Airlines did such a poor job of taking care of this customer makes no sense from a customer service standpoint nor from a legal standpoint. I’m glad this guy wrote a protest song and is getting some recognition for the issue.

Shame on you, United Airlines! Shame!

Serious cleaning

Imagine my distress when I realized that over the last winter our enjoyment of the propane fireplace had resulted in greasy soot damage all over the house! We first noticed the residue when we were cleaning the ceiling fan in the living room. I noticed that there are black splotches all over the ceiling! At first we thought it might be mold. Perhaps the roof had sprung a leak, and the insulation in the attic might have gotten wet and moldy, and the mold grew down into the living room ceiling!

My hubby used a finger and ran it through one of the black splotches. He decided that the residue was not mold at all – he said it was soot from the propane fireplace! Once he told me that, I started to look around at other items in the house to see if they were covered with soot as well. I took down the curtains and washed them, washed the windows, and wiped down the pictures and decorative items on the walls. They were all covered with soot as well!

Now we are going to have to call in some professionals from http://www.steamteam.com to take care of the rest. We’ll need them to steam clean our carpets and upholstered furniture. All of this cleaning is wearing us out!