Laser lights are fun and practical

Laser light show

Laser light show

Laser lights at a disco[/caption]Have you ever noticed how much fun you can have with a laser light? They are fun to have for parties of all kinds. They can be practical, too! Just a few days ago I went to the store to buy laser light to take with me to use as a pointer when I was teaching a class, and I was so surprised to see that I could get cheap ones in the pet department that were just as good as the more expensive ones in the office supply section! I used it at the class then used it at home to let my cats and dogs chase around the house – they love chasing the laser light around!

Watching Hummingbirds

Before my father passed away, my family had a lovely home on the banks of the Potomac River. Not only did we enjoy a stretch of sand beach, but the property was lushly landscaped, with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowering plants.

My stepmother enjoyed working in the yard and had a deep appreciation for the wildlife. We were always around ducks and geese, squirrels and chipmunks, and even beavers and foxes. But my stepmother’s favorite was the hummingbirds.

She had placed a hummingbird feeder in a tree near one of the large windows, and if you sat on the rattan couch and watched the tree, you could spot the ruby throated hummingbirds as they darted in to the feeder, took a sip, and then fled back to safety.

Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone in the neighborhood bought a hummingbird feeder and encouraged the little marvels of nature to come visit?

The age of awareness

When I was a kid, I honestly believed that there was only one kind of lawyer. The Perry Mason/Matlock kind. So when I was “all grown up” and engaged to be married, and someone told me that I should have a will, I was very nonchalant about grabbing the yellow pages and looking up “any old lawyer” to hire to help me with that. What a surprise it was to find that there are dozens of different types of lawyers! Didn’t I feel silly, learning how stupid I was! Turns out that my very own aunt used to work as a para-legal in a firm for administrative law. I don’t know why I always thought she was a school teacher!

I try to keep that in mind when I find out that there is someone in my circle of family and friends that doesn’t know something that I just take for granted, thinking everyone should know what I know! How is someone supposed to “just know” something if nobody ever teaches them?

Free Delivery

I just love having food delivered to my house. It is the ultimate luxury.

free delivery (free clip art)

free delivery (free clip art)

Most of the little restaurants around here offer free delivery with a minimum order. That makes it easy to have a nice dinner quickly when I’m overwhelmed with other things and cooking would just take it over the top.

Musicians can find what they need online

Back in the late sixties, or maybe it was the early seventies, I recall going to a big concert in Washington DC and hearing, for the first time, what my friends called a “moog.” I had no idea what a “moog” was, and they explained that it was a music synthesizer! Well, the machine made so many unearthly noises, the crowd really enjoyed it immensely! Nowadays, music synthesizers don’t just make unearthly noises, they replicate the sound of many “real” instruments that one would expect (in my day and age) to only hear if you went to see a real, live, band. Synthesizers like the ones that they sell at the website sure make it easy for one musician to do it all. That can be a good thing, but it makes me a little bit sad to think of all of the aspiring musicians in the world that are being replaced by machines.