Laser shows are fun to watch

It has been a very long time since I’ve been anywhere that had a laser show, but I usually find them quite entertaining to watch. One such example is the YouTube video that I’ve shared above this post. This particular laser show is of a French commercial for a brand of bottled water. I think the commercial is really funny! I’ve seen some YouTube videos of people’s homes that use lasers to put on a light show for holidays, and set them to music as well. Those are great to watch, too. My hubby has been talking about looking at lasers and wanting to order one to put on a show on our house for Christmas, too. He’s always wanting to decorate the house like crazy for Christmas!

I hate always telling him “no” about things like that – I feel like such a curmudgeon! But with money as tight as it is, I always worry about having enough money to pay the electric bill! Maybe I should just put the electric bill in his name and let HIM worry about it!

Get A Lawyer and Get it Done

New Orleans (free clip art)

New Orleans (free clip art)

Having driven cross country several times, when I hear about bad news or tragedies in a different state, I can usually relate to that area with some vivid personal memories of that area. I’ve been fortunate enough to drive through or into all but 8 of the continental United States, and those remaining 8 are still a goal to see soon.

One of my favorite places to visit is New Orleans. Every time I’ve been to New Orleans I have enjoyed the experience – even the bad parts. For example, for the first and only time, I was the victim of a pickpocket while in New Orleans. I just marvel at how well the robbery was carried out – a real professional did it.

Pick pocket (free clip art)

Pick pocket (free clip art)

My niece and her husband moved to an area about one hour north of New Orleans last year, but she did not fare as well as I have. Shortly after their arrival she was involved in an automobile accident. Thankfully, she was not hurt badly, but her husband was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She called home in a panic and we were able to find an attorney who specialized in personal injury in Louisiana by looking up the Gallagher Law Firm on the internet.

A lot of people may be reluctant to hire an attorney after being involved in an accident. I say, you can’t afford to take any chances and the only way you can get someone to fight for you and your rights is if you get a lawyer and get it done.

Shave and a Haircut Two Bits

When I was a little girl, I loved listening to my father play different instruments. He was such a talented musician! One of the things that I always laughed at was at the end of his performances at home, he would play the little “Shave and a Hair-Cut, two-bits” ditty. I had forgotten all about that until I watched this YouTube video today that was demonstrating a gold tone banjo. What a great memory that brought back!

What a Difference a Few Years Can Make

hourglass (free clip art)

hourglass (free clip art)

Having grown up in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area, I am very accustomed to being in an urban setting. I have worked in downtown locations and lived in just about every type of modern American dwelling – from apartment to condo to townhouse to single family homes as little as 800 sq. ft. to over 6,000 sq. ft.

I once designed and built my dream home. It was almost perfect, and if I had the chance to live there longer I could have made the couple of small changes necessary and had a wonderful house to live in my whole life. Unfortunately, that required having a loving, faithful, dependable husband to help take care of the family. So I moved out and moved on.

I used to love going downtown – day or night. I love all the big cities. Especially Chicago. But I’ve lost my taste for the urban setting other than maybe a weekend visit here and there. I am longing to be out in the country or down on the beach. I would love to have more solitude in my life. I need and miss my alone time.

Bless You Paul Newman

Sad news that Paul Newman has passed away. What a handsome man, fantastic actor, and great humanitarian he was.

One of the movies that made a lasting impression on me was “Cool Hand Luke.” It really opened my eyes to corruption and brutality. I bought that movie in every form of media and watch it every few years to remind me of the gaping holes in out justice system. It is probably why I now cheer for the underdog in most circumstances.

Another favorite movie of mine is “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” That was my introduction to Robert Redford and the two of them made a fantastic team. Again, me cheering for the underdogs. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Thank you, Paul Newman, and God Bless.