Mani-Pedi Tools

My best friend Suzi has a daughter that loves to polish her finger nails and toe nails. Me, I can’t wear nail polish. I know I’m a freak, but whenever I put nail polish on my nails, they start to burn – a very painful, chemical burn! Because of that, I haven’t really paid much attention to making my nails look nice. But I do understand that a lot of people do spend a lot of time and money on maintaining nice-looking nails. So when Suzi told me that she was looking for a special kind of pedicure tool for her daughter, and was having trouble finding it, I decided to help her look around. I think that I found the right pedicure tools here on this website, and I’m going to send the link to the website to Suzi. I hope it helps!

Red Glasses

In the third grade, I sat in a desk in the front row and I could not see the teacher’s writing on the blackboard. My eyesight went from normal in the second grade to really poor in the third grade. And over the years is has gotten worse.

Off and on over the years I wore contact lenses or eyeglasses so that I could see distances. Then when I hit 40, my eye doctor started fussing about whether or not I could see to read. Evidently, most people start needing reading glasses when they get in their 40’s. So then come the dreaded bifocals.

I’ve been wearing bifocals for a while and I’m OK with that, but I do like to wear contact lenses. The problem is that with my prescription, my astigmatism and now needing bifocals, there are no contacts that work for me. So I am still wearing glasses for every day wear.


The last pair of glasses that I bought cost me about $300. I know that I should have an extra pair, but not at $300 a pop. So when my girlfriend told me about a website called ZenniOptical dot com that sells designer glasses for under $50, I was amazed. At that price I can buy several fashion pairs and have different colors to change up my look each day.

5 Ways to Save Money on Everyday Items

Saving money

Saving money is not something that comes easily to everyone. Most people have to work really hard every day just to save a few dollars. The truth is that saving money every day does not have to be a struggle. Every family can find some simple ways to save money on a daily basis and create a lifestyle that they can truly enjoy. This can help any family live better without sacrificing the things that they love.

There are a lot of methods that people can use to save money. Each family will find different methods that work best for them, but there are a few ideas that any family can adopt to save more money. These ideas can be used every day or as often as a family can handle to save money and create a better home. Here are five ways to save money on everyday items.

Be smart about size

People often hear that buying in bulk can save them a lot of money. Though this may be true in some cases, it is not always best to buy the bigger size. Some stores will actually charge more per ounce for the larger sizes than they do for the smaller ones. Families should do the math before buying to choose the right size for their budget.

Question utilities providers

Many people simply pay their utilities bills without even taking a second look. Everyone should be checking their bills to make sure everything is fair and appropriate for their home. Families can question every home utility bill to ensure they are getting the best price, including frontier internet Washington.

Follow the trends

Following trends in fashion is not usually budget-friendly, but following other retail trends can help families save hundreds every month. Families can follow certain retailers to know when they are having their best sales on certain items online memberships and social media. Anyone can also use the time of the year to their advantage. For example, they can buy holiday decorations right after the holiday season to save money.

Drive smarter to save on gas

Gas can be a big expense for any family, especially those with long commute times. Everyone in the family can drive smarter to not only stay safe behind the wheel, but also to save a lot of money on gas every day. Driving slower, avoiding braking often and using cruise control are just a few simple tricks that can cut down on the amount of gas used daily.

Reduce and recycle

Reducing consumption and recycling are not only great habits for the environment, but they are also a great way for anyone to save money. Families can begin to reduce the amount of waste they create and reuse their old things in order to save money on a regular basis. For example, families can use their old t-shirts as rags for cleaning the home, or use the bags cereal comes in as wax paper.

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Trekking Homeward

This weekend will have a lot of traffic, as people who went “home for the holidays” have to start making their way back home. The bad weather caused a lot of trouble for people all across the northern U.S., with snow and ice and thousands of people stuck in airports or driving on dagnerous icey roads. Not like they need any more stress at this time of year! Anyways, I hope most people eventually made it to their planned destinations and had a nice visit with their family and friends. I hope they all have a safe trip home and appreciate having their own home where they feel safe and warm and secure. And if you aren’t blessed with those things at home, I truly hope that this year you find a way to make it so.

Still Fighting Against AIDS and HEP

Today is World Aids Day and is the 26th time that we have observed this day. We still do not have a cure for this horrible tragic disease. Personally, I believe the drug companies have suppressed the cure to continue making their obscene profits from the treatment drugs. I have to wonder if the governments took the aggressive action to force the drug companies to provide all the drug treatments for free to anyone who got sick with HIV and Hepatitis, how long would it take for them to find a miracle cure?

What you can do to help is to keep up the international awareness by wearing a red ribbon and donating either time or money to an AIDs charity. No one deserves to get either of these diseases and one day I truly hope that no one will die from them anymore more, either.