Getting Your Kids to Spend Time Outdoors This Summer

Ever since summer vacation kicked off, your kids have done nothing but play videogames, watch TV and surf the web. While you’re certainly not opposed to indoor recreation, you’re not comfortable with them spending so much time in the house. Because of its abundance of beautiful weather, summertime provides children with ample opportunities to engage in outdoor activities. If you’re determined to get your little ones out of the house this summer, consider the following tips.

Backyard Playground Equipment

To help your children get some much-needed exercise, invest in some durable backyard playground equipment. Trampolines, jungle gyms and swing sets will provide your kids with countless hours of outdoor fun. Ohioans on the hunt for the best playground equipment in Cincinnati should pay a visit to Swings ‘n’ Things.

Above-Ground Pool

If you live in an area prone to extreme heat, consider investing in an above-ground swimming pool. These easy-to-assemble pools typically retail for under $200 and will provide your children with a fun place to beat the sweltering summertime heat. Remember to keep a watchful eye on your kids whenever they’re in the pool.

You can’t stand to see your children squander such a precious period of freedom staring at various screens. By investing in high-quality playground equipment and an above-ground swimming pool, you can effectively entice your little ones into spending time outdoors the summer.

My Place

My condo in California was almost a dream house. The only thing lacking was a backyard. There were plenty of nice park-like common areas with beautiful landscaping, arbors and benches, and of course a huge pool. But I like having a backyard with a little privacy, and there was none.

The tiny front yard needed almost no maintenance and I never did use the deck in the front off the porch and entryway. There was just too much traffic on the road in front of the condo to be comfortable sitting out there. but it was a nice feature and a lot of my neighbors used their deck for plantings.

I loved the layout and floorplan of the condo, though. The lowest level was a two car garage and dry storage area, the next level was the living room and powder room. Then half a flight of stair up to the dining room and kitchen. Then the last level up was three good sized bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a laundry area.

It was perfect for just me, with one of the 3 bedrooms used as a home office and the 3rd bedroom used as a guest room. It did not use much electricity for the size of the condo, and the kitchen was one of the best layouts I’ve ever had – complete with a side by side refrigerator and a wonderful gas stove, microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal.

Loved that condo – it broke my heart to leave it and come back East.

Sweet Tooth

The best thing about some of my favorite holidays is that they involve candy. I don’t eat much candy throughout the year as a casual snack, but when Halloween, Easter and Christmas come around, my sweet tooth goes into overdrive.

As a kid, we would go down to the corner drugstore and buy Bazooka Bubble Gum and a comic book and get change back from a quarter. But I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve seen penny candy anywhere. The only way to save money on candy these days is to buy Wholesale Candy and share it with family or friends, or make it part of your gift giving.

Have you ever noticed how most people will name a chocolate candy when asked to name their favorite candy? I think that chocolate is appreciated and favored all over the world. But there are other popular candies, such as liquorice and gummies, and some candies for special ocassions, like the sugar coated almonds that are given away as favors for Wedding Candy.

I always thought that the Jordon almonds were for movie theater candy purchases, because that was my mom’s favorite candy and she would buy that at the movie theater snack bar to share with us at the matinees. It wasn’t until I started working DJ jobs at wedding receptions that I knew they had another purpose!

How to Get the Best Jewelry On the Market

Since the first humans found shiny objects in the ground that had been excavated, humans have had a burning desire for jewelry. Usually seen as some sort of status symbol to a homeland, jewelry has evolved many times over into the gorgeous pieces for sale today. Our forefathers couldn’t imagine the pristine condition all the jewels are in these days. For the majority of Americans, jewelry can be bought on multiple occasions, especially for a significant other. Of course, the big one is marriage, that doesn’t have to be the reason for the purchase. If you need a great selection of jewelry, coupled with exceptional service, then Goodman & Sons Jewelers is the place to make all your jewelry dreams come true.

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