Musical instruments at yard sales?

Last weekend, Frank invited me to go to the big yard sale/flea market being held at the armory. Having nothing else to do, and being a rainy day, I agreed. I was quite surprised to see one person’s booth was full of used musical instruments and accessories, (for example, a few Marshall and fender amplifiers and a variety of different microphones, and guitar pedals.) I don’t know if I would trust buying anything like that at a yard sale or flea market. Even if they had the ability to plug them in and test them to prove that they work, I’d be really reluctant. I think I’d be more inclined to purchase them through a store – or at least from a trusted friend!

Who Do You Trust?

This afternoon I was thinking back to how things worked out for my step-dad, a self made millionaire, and how the things that happened to him over the years affected his judgement and values later in life, especially about money.

He was a kid during the Great Depression, but that affected him for the rest of his life. His mother abandoned all her 3 of her kids and took off, so he was raised by his grandmother. He dropped out of school after the fourth grade so he could earn money and help the family survive. He was driving his grandmother’s car when he was just 10 years old and glued pieces of lumber to the pedals so he could reach them.

He never trusted banks or the stock market after the big crash. The only investments he made were low risk cds and he never put more than $100,000 in any one bank account, as the FDIC only insures deposits up to $100,000.

When I tried to explain to him that a certificate of deposit is an option and that the maturity dates could be planned for maximum benefit and taxes, he would get upset and tell me that I didn’t know what was talking about. So I wasn’t able to help him much, but at least I tried.

Easter Joy

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. The Spring season is a special time of year, and when you add the fun things that Easter brings you can’t get any better for a family gathering.

We always have fun coloring Easter eggs together – even on the few scattered years that there are no young children around to join in the fun. We also buy Easter candy to share with everyone – especially the jelly beans and the marshmallow peeps. Those are my own favorites.

And then there is the food for Easter dinner. We always buy a huge ham and have enough left over for several days of ham sandwiches, fried ham and eggs, and then Navy Bean soup with the ham bone.

All for Love

Today is the day for lovers, all over the world. Well, at least I think it is recognized all over the world. Maybe not in the muslim countries, though. I don’t even know how to check on that . . . but I hope the muslim countries celebrate love and caring somehow, even if they don’t recognize and celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. We all need a little love in our lives, even if it doesn’t last. Sometimes we need a reason to stop and look around, and appreciate what we have or what we could have.

Hello Robin

Today I saw several red-breasted robins looking for worms on my back lawn! What a welcome sight – the true harbingers of spring! I had heard that Mr Groundhog had predicted an early spring this year, and maybe, just maybe he is right this year! I had read an article that indicated that Mr Groundhog is wrong 61% of the time! I really found that hard to believe! If that’s the case, maybe we should start asking Mr. Skunk what he thinks! I saw Mr Skunk. on the road a couple of weeks ago, isn’t that a sign of spring too?