Check the Facts and Prevent Solicitor Complaints

Every time someone hires a solicitor there is a certain level of service expected. The client reasonably assumes that the solicitor is well trained and able to carry out the services that they are being hired to do. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Solicitor negligence can lead to solicitor complaints. It is important to do some research before you hire just any solicitor.

These are some important skills to look for in a solicitor:

Strong communication skills, both written and oral

Your solicitor represents you and so it is important that they should be able to communicate effectively, whether it be with a judge, jury, another solicitor or third party.

A keen eye for details and attention to accuracy

Details can mean the difference between success and failure in a case. Overlooking details can be very costly. It is always the best course of action to get it right the first time around

Analytical and focused

The ability to look at a lot of information and gather from it, the most important facts and data that can be helpful to your case is vital. Insurers and third parties in lawsuits will try to bury or hide facts in tons of information.

Able to explain technical legal matters in a simple way

It is important that you understand the process and all the details of your case. Your lawyer should avoid using confusing legal jargon. They should be able to communicate with you in a way that you can understand even the most technical legal matters.

Assertive and confident

Judges, juries, insurers and the public in general react positively to confidence. An air of confidence and success inspires confidence and a certain level of trust that the solicitor is knowledgeable and trustworthy.


You should feel that your solicitor has put in place all the security measures needed to protect and guarantee your most personal and intimate or financial detailed information. So it will remain private and confidential.

Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines

It is critical that a solicitor has the ability to remain calm and focused even under extreme pressure and when facing tight deadlines. Time is a very important consideration in law, delays can be very costly. Missed deadlines, late or overdue payments can result in expensive penalties.

Skilled in handling financial information, figures and numbers

Depending on the area of law, the ability to manipulate and comprehend numerical data is key. Tax, financial, business and matters pertaining to property law often involve numbers.


Empathy is a trait that is often overlooked. It is a very important skill to have in a a solicitor. It is easier to work with a solicitor that understands your case and your circumstances and is able to effectively communicate this. A skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who seems distant and uncaring unwittingly gives the appearance of being cold and distant. They do not seem to be motivated by anything other than their fee.

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Natural Wood Furniture Is My Favorite

patio furniture (free clip art)

patio furniture (free clip art)

When I go to visit someone’s house during the warmer months, we often find ourselves outside on their back patio or deck. I have had the opportunity to see a lot of different styles of outdoor furniture over the years. I’ve noticed that as we’ve matured (code for entering our geriatric years!) I’ve noticed that people’s choices of outdoor furniture has evolved a lot. When we were all younger, we tended to purchase plastic furniture. Largely because it was so inexpensive, but also because it was easy to clean and move around. It usually stacked quite well, so we could often pack up the furniture and store it in the garage or a shed over the winter months. But if we got any kind of wind at all, it would blow away – never to be seen again!

Some of my friends would use wicker furniture instead, and actually used it for both indoor and outdoor! It was so lightweight they just picked it up and moved it from their living room to their patio when they were entertaining! It looked a little less tacky than the plastic furniture, but the wicker didn’t seem to be very sturdy. I don’t think that the wicker would stand up to pets or kids for more than a few months! And I think that would not be able to handle much more wind than the plastic furniture – it just looked nicer.

I’ve seen quite a bit of outdoor furniture that is made of some type of metal – like iron, or brushed aluminum, or steel. To be honest, I didn’t much care for them – they seemed to oxidize and disintegrate fairly quickly. I am always concerned about oxidized metal being a health hazard – I think of tetanus shots and lockjaw!

By far my favorite choice in Home and Patio Décor Furniture – Teak. It has a warm, natural feeling to it. Teak holds up well in bad weather, and can withstand the trials of family life. If I were in the market for Outdoor Furniture right now, and could take my pick of material, I’d pick teak.

Is Your Ex Not Abiding by Your Child Custody Order?

A child custody order is put in place to establish regulations between separated parents. This custody order states what type of custody has been established, whether sole or joint. It can also include information as to the specified drop off and pick up locations of the children as well as the holiday schedule for the parents.

couple in court (free clip art)

couple in court (free clip art)

A child custody order is supposed to help separated parents raise the child in the child’s best interest. The court regulates these orders, so failure to comply can be a serious offense. If your ex is not obeying the child custody order, you can petition the court to enforce the order. Your ex will also be required to go to court and explain to the judge why he or she did not obey the order.

If your ex is not abiding by your child custody agreement, you have the following options.

Remind your ex about the agreement.

reminder (free clip art)

reminder (free clip art)

Sometimes mistakes can happen, and if you want to give your ex the benefit of the doubt, you can remind your ex about the agreement and point out how he or she has disobeyed the agreement. It may have been a lapse in judgment, and you may find that a simple reminder will whip them back into shape and force them to be more responsible about obeying the order. If your ex has broken the agreement multiple times, or if your reminder doesn’t seem to help, you have other, stronger options you can use.

Call the police.

police (free clip art)

police (free clip art)

If your ex is not abiding by the child custody order, you have every right to call the police. Police officers are required to ensure all laws are being abided, and if your ex is not abiding by the order, he or she can be arrested.

Contact your attorney.

attorney (free clip art)

attorney (free clip art)

Your attorney can also help you resolve the issue of your ex’s lack of compliance. Your attorney can write a letter to the other parent reminding them of their legal obligation to obey the child custody order. This letter will show your ex that you are serious about their failure to comply, and it will usually remind your ex about what consequences they may face by not abiding by the child custody order.

File a contempt of court motion.

jail time (free clip art)

jail time (free clip art)

Your ex’s failure to comply with the child custody order is negligence of the court’s ruling. Filing a contempt of court motion shows the court that your ex failed to obey the order, and your ex will now face legal consequences due to their actions. In this situation, your ex will need to appear in court and explain why he or she did not obey the order. National Family Solutions can review these types of rulings, and if the judge finds that your ex is in contempt of court, your ex could lose any custody rights they previously held as well as serve jail time.

Cuban Food

A good friend of mine was born and raised in an area of Miami that is mostly Cubans. She moved to this area after college and I hired her to work as a legal secretary when I was running the law firm. She used to bring her lunch and sit with us in the lunchroom, and I was always asking her about the food that she had cooked and was bringing for lunch. Every once in a while she brought in enough to share with us – it was always delicious.

Today I found a website dedicated to Cuban food, taste of cuba dot com. I found several things that she used to make, with recipes and photos. I can’t to try out a few of them. Here’s a copy of the one I want to try first!

Download (PDF, 75KB)