The iPhone has better apps

One of the reasons that I don’t have an iPhone is that I purchased a Blackberry Torch a few years ago that has a QWERTY keyboard. I LOVE that keyboard! The QWERTY keyboard makes my life (both personal and work) so much easier when I find myself being forced to text, or send emails, from my cell phone. I don’t like having to use a stylus (I’ll lose it for sure!) and my fat fingers simply make a mess of on-screen typing! So when I found out about the helpful goconnect iphone app I was quite annoyed about how many great apps there are for iPhones, but don’t seem to be available on the Blackberry. I really don’t want a phone that does not have a QWERTY keyboard! Technology can be such a cruel mistress! What to do, what to do!

What are administrative lawyers?

When Justine told me that she had applied for a job with a law firm of administrative lawyers I had no idea what those types of lawyers actually did. I’ve heard of family law, patent law, criminal law, civil law, but administrative law? Well, with a little bit of online research (what did I ever do before the Internet?) I learned that what I’ve always considered to be “business lawyers” is, in this day and age, called “administrative lawyers.” I wonder when it became politically correct to use that phrase, and now I am feeling very outdated.

The winter craft shows

Heading into the Christmas season craft shows, I’ve been noticing a lot of advertisements for them on television and in the newspaper. We even get postcards in the mail and emails about all of the different craft fairs that are being held. The last time I went to a craft fair, I went with Paul and his wife Maggie. He does some really nice woodworking things that he sells at the craft shows, and Maggie goes to help him. I tagged along to save gas by car pooling with them, and I helped them to set up and break down their exhibit.

Their van was jam packed with their wares, along with their exhibit essentials. They didn’t take their trade show flooring that time because the show was in the armory and they wanted to free up the space for extra wine racks. But they did take their logo mats and their canopy with them to help their space to stand out from the other exhibitors. I was surprised how easy their logo canopy set up – the canopy only took one person to do it all!

Employment law

When I was telling Robbie about how Justin was fired without cause from his job last week he encouraged me to tell Justin to contact London Meservy and ask him to take his case to sue his former employers for unlawful termination. I told him I’d pass along the information, but I don’t think that Justin will follow through with contacting him. He’d rather just sit at home, lick his wounds, and feel sorry for himself. As for me, I would always encourage people to stand up to bullies and fight for what is right. I get very frustrated with people who are too passive to defend themselves. Very aggravating.

A masterpiece

When I first saw a photograph of the manuel rodriguez c1 guitar on the Internet, my first thought was “that looks like the guitar that my father bought for me when I was a teenager!” But when I saw the price tag that made me realize right away that was not anything like my guitar of my youth. Curiious, I started to read the description of the guitar and was quite impressed to learn that the wood that is used to make this guitar is aged for two years before the tree is cut in to lumbar. I tried to imagine, or perhaps I should say visualize, how and where these tree-length logs are stored for two years. I wondered if the logs were cut into three or four foot lengths, or if they were really tree-length. I’d love to take a tour of the facility that builds these instruments!