Toll House Cookies

While shopping at Sams Club I walked down the bakery aisle and noticed a pretty tray of chocolate cookies. I thought that might make a nice treat for my friends at work, so I was going to buy that until I saw the price tag.

Talk about sticker shock! This was a tray of just 2 dozen cookies and they were charging $16 for them. That’s just crazy! I would expect – especially at Sam’s Club discount prices – to pay maybe $6 or $7 for them. I like the people at work, but not enough to spend $16 for just 2 dozen cookies.

I think I will bake some Toll House cookies tonight and take those in – that will only cost about $4 for the ingredients, they will taste great, and they won’t have any preservatives in them, either.

Movie Marathon

One of the cool things about having sleepovers when we were kids is that we could stay up late and watch TV shows that normally our parents would not allow us watch. I have some great memories of the scary movies we would watch on Saturday nights at my friend’s house. There was a show called Thriller, and another called The Outer Limits. They had aliens, zombies, vampires and all kinds of horrible creatures that would scare us half to death and give us kids nightmares.

Now we have movie marathons, thanks to Direct TV and all the cool channels we can pick from for any night of the week that we want to watch TV and stay up late.

Last summer when I stayed with my friend, Joyce, for a long weekend girls getaway, she had just installed Satellite TV and was so excited about being able to watch all the chick flicks she had been missing. We stayed up until 3:00 am, eating popcorn and watching Diane Keaton, Barbara Streisand, and Bette Midler movies. I haven’t had that much fun staying up late since college!

I bet there is even a channel for horror movies now, but I didn’t think at the time to ask her. Maybe I can find out and plan a girl’s sleepover this summer. We’ll stay up late and watch horror movies and talk about growing up together. That would be awesome.

Danger in Alabama

The news has been showing videos of some horrific storms and tornadoes all across the Southern U. S. It looks like the worst of the storms are going through Alabama. I hope my sister in Tennessee is not in any danger – I sometimes wish she lived in an area that did not have so many tornadoes. They call Tennessee part of “Tornado Alley” for a reason.

Building My Nest Egg

My dad was not a very savvy investor, so I have had to learn about investing on my own. Dad thought that the smart and safe thing to do was to keep all his money in a bank because it would be insured by the FDIC. I understand that a lot of people who lived through the great recession had trouble the rest of their lives trusting anyone with their money except for government insured accounts. He would probably flip out if he was still here and found out that I plan on investing in a gold IRA.

One of my co-workers actually brought up the idea of a gold 401k when we had to fill out forms for the Human Resources department at the start of the year. It seems that the first of the year is when a lot of companies change their employee benefits packages. We were talking about life insurance and stocks, and he mentioned that gold has an excellent track record for increasing in value, even when the stock market is in trouble.

So, I asked my sister in law to help me arrange for the gold IRA transfer and she showed me how to handle it all online. I fell like I’m a pretty savvy investor now.