• Love Those Holiday Leftovers

    There is no such thing as too much turkey in my house. We love turkey – hot with all the trimmings as well as cold in a sandwich. There just isn’t anything like a real turkey sandwich with swiss cheese on rye or even pumpernickel bread. Plain white bread will work as well, but I try to keep other types of bread around that is much better for us to eat, taste bud wise and health wise. Anyway to get some much needed fiber in our diet makes me happy. I’m so glad that they are willing to try new things, they may not always like it but at least they aren’t shy about trying.

    Something that I have noticed in the past couple of years is that people that come to big family dinners, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, are bringing their own plastic containers to help themselves to some of the leftovers to take home with them. For some reason that just strikes me as weird. I understand, believe me, there is nothing better than holiday leftovers and there is always plenty left over for folks to enjoy later, but to bring your own containers just seems a bit forward, but it does save the hostess of the trouble of rounding up her own containers to give out or the expense of buying enough to dole out for folks to use.

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