• Forgetting Something

    I know that I have family members with birthdays in January, but I can’t think of who they are. Isn’t that awful? I know my brothers and sister’s birthdays – in fact I remember each of them actually happening except for my sister Linda, as I was only 18 months old when she was born. But all the rest of the brothers and sisters I do remember the excitement in the household, the phone calls from the hospital, and the little babies I held in my arms that were only a couple of days old when I first saw them.

    Now I rely on Facebook to remind me of people’s birthdays – both family and friends. That is one of the best features of the social networking web site – the access to people’s birthdays and current email addresses. But if you hid your birthday or fail to list it, then I won’t be reminded to wish you a happy birthday. So if I missed it, check your Facebook profile and don’t blame me!

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