• Special Valentine

    When you have been “off the market” for several years, your valentines tend to get less elaborate and less passionate, which is a shame. To me, a well gifted Valentine’s Day has much more potential than a birthday gift. A Valentine’s gift is symbolic of “us” whereas a birthday gift is “all about me.”

    If you are lucky enough to have a special someone in your life, I hope you make an effort to please each other on Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect chance to put a little spice back into your love life or kick up the romance factor just a notch.

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  1. Tyler says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Ms. Jillian.

    Hope you won lots of Spades games today. Sorry I didn’t see you online to play a few. I had a big date with my sweetie. Maybe I can find you this weekend for a couple games in Smoots.