• Scare the Groundhog

    There was a cute animated cartoon that I came across where a groundhog poked his head out of his burrow and his shadow rose up from the ground and grabbed him by the neck and choked him, then dragged him off – presumably to his great demise. OK – that was a little morbid, but it made the point that the shadow isn’t really going to hurt you and being afraid of it is humorous.

    But that would be a good idea for a horror film – everyone’s shadow becomes lethal and the only time it is safe to go out is at night or a few minutes at high noon. When the shadows become fully formed they break off and bestow rampant violence on the world. Hmmm – maybe there’s a movie plot in there somewhere!

    So this morning our local groundhog celebrity did see his shadow and we are not happy at all to think of six more weeks of cold, wet wintry weather looming ahead.

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