• Snow Sculptures

    With this last snow on everyone’s mind, I had the chance to talk with a good friend in Chicago. If anyone knows harsh winter weather, Chicagoans do! That is the only reason I have been reluctant to move there, despite several recent, really lucrative job offers.

    Every year Chicago has a festival downtown called “Snow Days Chicago” and part of the festival involves a world class competition for snow sculptures. This is serious business to teams of artists who travel all over to enter these types of competitions. This year’s festival is already over and they have a web site with photos of the winning entries. There are some great sculptures. You should check out their photo gallery if you are interested in seeing some great winter artwork.

    This is one from several years ago that I thought was very imaginative, and it kind of goes along with my neighbors theme of bugs.

    This sculpture was not one of the winners this year but it’s one that I liked and I think I could actually do something with this if we had enough snow on the ground to work with. Unfortunately, the little bit of snow that we got is already melted and gone, with the brunt of the storm headed for the East Coast today.

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  1. Tyler says:

    I’ve never seen enough snow to make anything more than a small snowball that was mostly ice. As a kid, I got in trouble for throwing the iceball because it really hurts when it hits. I can’t imagine living someplace where you deal with this much snow on a daily basis for weeks or months at a time.