• More Than One Way to Connect

    This week I realized how fortunate we are in this area and how spoiled I’ve become with easy, immediate internet service at home and at work. All I have to do is flip on one computer switch and PRESTO! I’m online and surfing around my favorite sites. But i had a short business trip to Utah and found that life in Utah is very different from my every day life here, including how they access the internet.

    When I first moved here, I was considering dsl service for my internet access. I had read the ads and heard commercials about how fast DSL can be. I thought that there was not much difference in the actual service and was only shopping for the best pricing deal.

    But people in other areas do not have the range of choices that I do. It was humbling to be out in Utah and realize that the people in rural Utah still have limited cell phone service and have to access the internet by subscribing to a dial up provider. For some reason I was just expecting people all across America to be online with cable or DSL. But it appears that a large chunk of the U. S. is still using alternative sources.

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