• A Start in Medicine

    One thing that I’ve always regretted about my high school days is that no one ever talked seriously with me about a career or what I could do with my future. I picked my own classes each year based on what sounded interesting in the course handbook and what the Guidance Counselor would allow me to take. There were several classes that I wanted to take but was not allowed because I was a girl. In those days, girls were not allowed to take shop, auto mechanics or riflery. I think we were very lucky to even be allowed to take driver’s education.

    I would have liked to have been a doctor. I was fascinated with medicine and all my classes came easy to me – I maintained A’s and high B’s in every class of every year in my entire life. Getting a scholarship would have been easy. But my Guidance Counselor told me that I was not suited for it.

    So now I have a chance to take medical management courses and still have a shot of a career in the field of medicine – just not a doctor.

    A good friend of mine who happens to be a doctor was telling me this morning that she is looking into a medical teaching course with the thought of teaching at a medical school overseas. She has always wanted to live in Europe, and has developed many good friendships with people in London and Paris. Now I know why she took Latin and French in high school!

    I read up on the teach the teacher course she is considering. I think she would do well with this and wish her the very best luck with her career change.

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