• DIY or Pro?

    When do you think is the best time to work with a stock broker as compared to doing the work yourself and saving the trade fees that the brokers charge? Some people need a lot of help when they first start making investments. Other people prefer to start out small and learn a they go. And others just seem to have a knack for it and can jump into with both feet and the help of an online portfolio manager.

    Even someone who has years of experience with buying and selling stocks can get help from portfolio rebalancing software if they just take the time to get everything organized and then a close look at what they need to do.

    I spent four years as a volunteer for a local non-profit and a big part of my involvement had to do with financial matters for the organization. Our Board’s Treasurer as actually a locally successful stock broker who made himself very accessible to the rest of the Board when we had any questions or concerns. Although I did not always agree with his recommendations, I learned a lot and would be totally comfortable using a DIY portfolio management program online.

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