• Another Quiz

    There were answers to the Irish quiz that I wanted to go back and reflect upon, so I tried to find the Chicago Tribune’s quiz on their website this morning. I was dismayed to find a different quiz displayed when I clicked the link on their home page. So I will have to do my Irish research another way. However, since there was a different quiz on the site, I decided to try my hand at that one.

    I did much better! I got almost all the answers correct, although I admit that a few were pure guesswork. If you want to try it, here the link for the new St. Patrick’s Day Quiz. I only missed 2 out of the 9 questions, #2 and #6. I knew two of the bands were Irish and I have seen both of them in concert. The other two were not on my radar so I had a 50/50 chance of guessing it right – but didn’t. LOL

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  1. Donna says:

    Ha ha – I got more right than you did!