• Over educated or ageism?

    Guest post by Linda Bradshaw

    I keep seeing advertisements online for women to apply to Walden University to make themselves more competitive in the business world. Since I’m always looking for ways to increase my value to employers, I went to the WaldenU website to check it out.  I saw that President Bill Clinton was their keynote speaker a few years ago at their July commencement ceremony in Minneapolis!  How cool is that!

    The thing that bothers me about getting more education, as in a college education, is that I already have two business degrees, and for the job market that exists in this area I keep hearing that I’m “over-qualified.”  I interpret that to mean that what they REALLY mean is that they think I’m too old, and that they are using this “over-qualified” excuse to disguise their ageism.  And yet I still am several years away from being old enough to collect Social Security.  Seems like I’m in between a rock and a hard place, and I’m afraid that more college degrees won’t help! What do you think?

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