• Shuffle off to Buffalo

    Guest post by Julie Shannon

    Last night Tim came home from work and told me to start packing – we are moving to Buffalo! He got that big promotion he was hoping to get and he has to report there in two weeks! Thank goodness his company has a furnished apartment we can stay in for a couple of months while we look for our own place to stay.

    So the plan is that we’ll be checking out moving companies to see which international movers have the best rate to help us move from Toronto to Buffalo. I don’t know if any local Toronto Movers can take our furnishings across the border or not.

    And I want to find out if any of the Movers have those services where they deliver a container to the door of your house for you to pack at your convenience, and then deliver it to your new house to let you unpack it. In our case we’d need to store it at a storage facility for a bit until Tim found a new house for us to live in. I don’t even know if that’s going to be a logistical nightmare or not!

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