• Getting Up There

    Thanks to Darwin Barton

    Mom and dad have been talking for years about getting a place out on some land in Texas somewhere but we weren’t expecting them to call last week and say “We did it!” We thought there’d be a big family meeting like there always is and we’d have to make a Pros and Cons list but nope, they jumped in feet first this time! None of us have been out to see the place yet but mom assures me it’s huge and has plenty of space for all of us to visit. I talked with her about ways to conserve electricity because she was worried about the utilities but I think they’ll be fine since they both worked long and hard and saved up a lot of money to retire on. I can’t wait to see the place and find out what all the fuss is about and hopefully my kids will like to ride horses and get out and about as much as my husband and I do! Way to go mom and dad! You finally really did do it!

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