• Take Care

    My girlfriend who is a nurse on the medical evac helicopter is from the southern corner of Alabama just above the Florida Panhandle. Her own hometown is Enterprise, AL. I would never have heard of Enterprise except they have an annual music festival there and I went a couple of years ago. Had a total blast!

    Her mom just installed a security system to protect her home. I was surprised that someone who lives out in the country would need an alarm system, but since she lives alone now she is smart to take precautions. I know it gives my girlfriend some peace of mind, too. If there was an emergency, her mother would have local responders there to help a whole lot faster than trying to get in touch with family members who live an entire state away.

    Another issue with living so far out in the country is that you cannot get cable. But many places that don’t get cable can getĀ satellite television serviceĀ  which is what her mom has. I’m glad that she is able to continue living in their homestead and doesn’t have to move closer to town just because her husband passed away. I’m sure she is lonely and misses him, but I bet she likes still being “home.”

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