• Should she take it?

    Carol tells me that she has been offered a job that she really want to take, but it would involve moving to Charleston. Although the salary is a large increase over what she is making now, she is reluctant to move to a town where she has no friends or family. I can sympathize with that; picking up and moving by yourself is a really difficult thing to do, both physically and emotionally.

    I suggested that she contact a Charleston real estateĀ agent about finding a house that she could rent with the option to buy near where her new office is going to be. She has several dogs and I know that it will be almost impossible for her to find an apartment that will allow her to keep her dogs, and renting a house with a fenced in yard so the dogs could run around loose in the yard would be so much better for all of them.

    Even so, in this unstable job market, I think that I would negotiate a contract with the company that would put her mind at ease about getting laid off shortly after moving. I would hate to move to a new city to accept a new job and then end up laid off after I picked up and moved to a city where I had no friends or family nearby!

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