• A Simple Smile

    It can be amazing how much a simple smile can change something, such as an encounter on the sidewalk or talking with a counter clerk or in a store standing in line or just passing by somebody. If you approach someone with a smile, it helps put them at ease. Smiles are contagious – if you give (yes I said give, it’s free) a smile you will most often get a smile from the other person back. My mother always told us that it is a good idea to enter a crowded room with a smile and your head held high. Even if you don’t know anyone there, if you are smiling, they will greet you with a much better attitude.

    I love to smile and see the reactions that I get from people. I am also a door opener and enjoy seeing if the person will smile back, or look me in the eye, or even say thank you. For the most part people are nice back, in their own way, but of course there are the ones that just ignore me or act like it is to be expected and to them I say to them loud and clear “You’re Welcome!” the reactions to this just blow me away and keep me coming back time and time again holding the door for them with a big smile on my face!

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