• I want to scream

    One of the things that drives me crazy here at home is how everyone seems to know how to turn on electrical things but no one seems to know how to turn them off. Frequently I will be in the media room, working on my computer, hearing the noises of other people watching television shows, or listening to music. Often I am not very happy about hearing those noises, but in the interest of keeping the peace I hold my tongue. Eventually I end up having to leave the room to take a much needed break and I will walk past (or through) the room that is the source of the noise, only to find lights on, television on, and not a single living soul in the room. This aggravates me to no end! I am working a couple of jobs trying to make ends meet and the family is wasting my money on electricity that no one is benefiting from. It makes me want to scream!

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