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    I was just reading a fellow blogger’s blog post about nomorerack reviews and was surprised that she was typing about a nomorerack scam where people were complaining about slow shipping. To be perfectly honest I had not heard of the website at all until a couple of weeks ago when my sister sent me an email about it, telling me to check it out.

    Since then I’ve bought a couple of items because they were really good deals; too good to pass up! And with a lot of family birthdays coming up really soon, I can certainly use the help of some really nice presents for really low prices! One of the problems of today’s society, in my humble opinion, is the deeply entrenched desire for instant gratification. We have turned into an instant gratification society. And that, my friends, is probably the biggest reason why so many of us are deeply in debt. When we see something that we want, we want it NOW, we refuse to WAIT.

    I can remember when I was younger, I would drive to work every day past a house that was only the foundation. A family was actually living in that foundation. I remember driving past that foundation for many years, feeling sorry for the family that lived there. I would think that the family that lived there must really be dirt poor if they were forced to live in a foundation only. And then, after about fifteen years of driving past that occupied foundation I saw a little bit of construction going on. Within a week there was an entire big house framed up on top of that foundation, and within a month it appeared that the family was now living in a really nice completed cape cod style cottage complete with raised dormers on the second floor.

    Apparently the family that was thought to be so incredibly poor that I felt sorry for them were putting off their desires for instant gratification and were living in the foundation while saving their money until they had enough to build the entire building, without having to apply for a mortgage! What an accomplishment that was!

    Well, I’m trying harder now to delay my gratification and shop smarter, getting the best bargains possible. I think that this nomorerack website is one way to shop smarter and get more bang for the buck. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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