• Giving my old favorite pieces of furniture new clothes

    Guest post written by Hannah Faw

    I’m a big believer in investment pieces. But sometimes you just get really sick of the things that you have in your home. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little facelift for things. So I thought that it would be a cool idea to try and reupholster some of my favorite pieces of furniture. I’ve never done it before. I’d never even thought of it before until one of my friends reupholstered her dining room chairs and they looked even better than when I remembered she first bought them.

    I’m really great at taking on projects and seeing them through until the end. I love finding a new challenge for that. When I was online looking up some info on how to reupholster something, I ran across some info on Sears Windows. After I looked through the info some, I decided to get our windows replaced through that service.

    I did find some info on upholstery and I’m buying all the stuff that I need this weekend. Here’s to hoping that I end up ending with a much better looking piece of furniture than I started with.

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