• Ellie wants to be a lawyer

    Guest post by Janet Burnside

    Ellie announced that she wants to move to California as soon as she finishes law school and find a job with a california criminal lawyer. It takes a special kind of person to be a defense lawyer. When Ellie announced that I started to remember my own experience working with a
    los angeles criminal defense lawyer as a book keeper.

    Prior to my taking the book keeping job I had no idea who his clients were, but a few months into the job I saw someone that I had previous experiences (shall we say very unpleasant experiences) come into the office to ask the lawyer to represent him for an assault charge. I asked the lawyer to not take the case but the lawyer said “everyone is entitled to a good defense” and he took the case anyway. I explained my experiences with the man and asked him if those experiences had happened to his wife, daughter, or sister would he defend this guy against this charge. He said no, but I’m not his wife, daughter or sister! Well, that soured me up real quick on working there and it wasn’t long before I turned in my two week’s notice and went to work somewhere else.

    Yes, it takes a special kind of person to be a criminal defense lawyer.

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