• Oldies music

    I never really felt old until my son came home from high school and told me that they were studying The Beatles in their history class. I can remember watching them perform on The Ed Sullivan Show when they debuted in America! I was only nine years old at the time, but I still remember watching the show at my grandparents house on a black and white television. My father was very excited watching them; he was a rock musician himself and he really enjoyed being a part of the music scene at that time. I can remember every time we turned on the radio if the disc jockey was playing music from the 1940s and 1950s my father referred to them as “moldy oldies music” and we would all laugh. He was always cracking jokes, making us either roll our eyes or laugh right out loud.

    One of the great things about being the daughter of a rock musician was being allowed to go on the road with the band. That was not as glamorous as it sounds, because we did not have a tour bus, it was more of a caravan of station wagons and vans that would just meet at the performance hall and set up, play the gig, break it down and go home, but what I did was get the chance to get into the performances and dance the night away for free. And I LOVED to dance! (I still do love to dance but don’t get the chance to dance very often anymore.)

    So anyway, as I was saying, when my son told me that as part of their 1960’s History class they were learning about The Beatles, that was when it hit me that I was old. How could that be? I still listen to the same music that I listened to back then, but now they call THAT music the “golden oldies.” I prefer to call it “classic rock.” The music reminds me of the great fun I had with my friends back then and it puts a bounce back in my step.

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