• An overabundance of family lawyers

    My stepdaughter has for many years told us that she wants to go to law school and become a lawyer. She used to get a smirk on her face when talking about it, saying that there are a lot of people that she wants to sue. The impression that I have always received from that is that she has some wishful thinking/fantasy going on about suing her father for mental duress of some kind because of the divorce between her parents. That’s a whole lot of anger right there!

    My reply to that comment has been “if everyone that wanted to sue a relative became a lawyer, then there would be an overabundance of family lawyers in the world! She has not been getting scholarships or grants to go to college, so as far as I’m concerned it would probably be cheaper for her to just hire a lawyer than to pay all of those tuition and book expenses! But, who am I to rain on her parade; if it gives her some kind of comfort to think that somewhere down the road she will sue people for all of the things that have upset her in the past, then by all means, let the girl have her little fantasy.

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