• The daffys are blooming

    Here it is, February, and the daffodils are in bloom! The robin redbreasts have arrived, and it seems as if spring is absolutely on the way! Looks like old Mr. Groundhog was tricked into seeing his shadow a few weeks back – must have been the lighting from all of the photographers taking his photograph! I have really enjoyed the mild winter season this year, but I do have to admit that I am concerned that later on this year there will be some serious droughts. I sure hope that is not the case, but already all of the local folks have been discussing it.

    My house draws its water from a well, and so far we have been very lucky and have not had problems with it running dry. Whenever the nearby towns start talking about rationing water and telling people to not wash their cars or water their lawns I try to be supportive of that by not washing my cars too, even though the restrictions do not apply to people on well water.

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