• That’s not fashion, that’s rag bag rejects

    Today I was looking at my email and there was a company that had sent me some kind of advertising about how it was the 29th of February and in order to celebrate they were offering discounts on 229 of their products. And of course the discount was for 29%. So I was just curious about what was on sale and saw that the items were mostly clothes that the teenagers and 20 somethings would be interested in wearing.

    There were a lot of really ugly clothes and to be honest I was really glad that I wasn’t trying to stay trendy with that selection. But what totally freaked me out was one T-shirt that was for sale – it was full of rips and holes – it looked like the kind of T-shirt that you would find in my rag bag – the kind of T-shirt that my hubby would have worn for ten years before finally letting me retire it to the rag bag. And this company wanted customers to pay $40 for a ripped up rag?

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