• Nice Homes In Port St Lucie

    My older sister was telling me last night that she was researching Port Saint Lucie as a possible location to move her family. She’s very lucky that her job is one that she can do at home, so she does not have to commute. She’s been wanting to move to Florida for many years now, and she is thinking that the time to move is approaching pretty fast. Her family seems to have outgrown their current house; they have five adults living in a three bedroom house. And they are getting tired of the extreme weather in Nashville – they had a lot of tornadoes rip through their area last year, and they have had some serious flooding going on down there in the recent past as well.

    Right now one of the reasons that they are researching homes In Port St Lucie is because that is near the town where her grandson Ethan lives, her father (my nephew) and my sister both want to be able to spend more time with Ethan. From what I understand Ethan is about ten years old now, and does not even realize who his father is because Ethan’s mother took off when she found out that she was pregnant, and then reappeared on my sister’s doorstep several years later with Ethan in tow.

    “Surprise, you’re a grandmother!” are not the words that no one wants to be surprised with several years after a grand child is born! Most grandparents want to be a part of the grand child’s life. So they have some good reasons to want to move down to Port St Lucie. Their current house is over-crowded and they want to be closer to Ethan so that Ethan can get to learn who his father is, and who his Father’s family is.

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