• Ask a Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney

    One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to be a victim of an automobile accident. One minute you are minding your own business, driving along following the law and the next minute your car is careening out of control because somebody else wasn’t paying attention, or thought that they could beat a traffic light changing from amber to red, or running a stop sign just because they think that stop signs don’t apply to them.

    Then comes the sickening sound of horns blaring, metal striking metal, people screaming, and glass breaking. If you’re lucky, the accident happened in an urban area, where there are plenty of witnesses with cell phones, ambulance services are moments away, and the hospital is within a ten minute drive.

    Filling out police accident reports, calling insurance companies, getting quotes from auto body shops, dealing with bodily injuries and rearranging their transportation methods and taking time off of work or school. Heaven forbid there could even be fatalities involved and the victims and their families could be having to deal with morgues, morticians, funeral arrangements and grief counseling.

    At some point getting free legal advise from a Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney would be a good move. The biggest reason that I am saying that is when my husband was injured in a car accident there were so many legal details that we needed to keep track of that we could have very easily overlooked some riders on our own automobile insurance policy. But our attorney knew about an under-insured rider on our own policy that would help us to collect additional money on top of the insurance payment from the person that caused the accident.

    In addition, our attorney knew that there was some state legislation on the table that could have caused the insurance settlements to triple in value. Unfortunately the legislation did not pass and it looks like the insurance companies are going to get off easy in our case.

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