• Coed Sleepaway Camps can be fun

    When my kids were younger I tried to find some affordable Coed Sleepaway Camps to send them to. I could remember back when I was a child that my parents sent my sisters and me to a coed sleepaway camp one summer when they wanted to take a two week vacation.

    At the time that I was sent to camp I did not enjoy it at all, but I had hoped that camps might have improved over the years and that my kids would actually enjoy going to one, especially if it was one that was endorsed by the American Camp Association.

    My oldest son was very interested in drama and I wanted to send him to a camp that focused on drama. I really thought that he would blossom in an environment like that, but when I talked to him about it he was adamant that he did not want to go to any type of camp. Seems that the day camps that I had been sending him to during the summers he was the victim of some bullying which soured him on the camp experience forever. He has always been very slender and an introvert.

    My youngest son, however, has always been very outgoing and friendly and would have loved to go to a sleep-away camp. He made friends easily and everybody adored him. He enjoyed going to the day camps during the summers, and there was a soccer camp that he was interested in attending. The challenge I faced with that was getting his father to agree to letting him go, and hopefully pay for half of the tuition costs of going. Unfortunately, we had shared custody of the children and these types of things had to be mutually agreed upon. When I brought it up as a suggestion to his father that sending him to that camp would be a good thing to do he adamantly disagreed and refused to let him go. Ex-husbands can be a real pain in the neck!

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