• Sweet tea

    When I first moved into this area it took me a while to get used to the fact that when I would go into a restaurant and order “tea” for my drink that I had to specify either “hot” or “iced.” And if I want “iced” I have to specify “sweet” or unsweetened. I’m not sure how many spoons of sugar are in the restaurants “sweet” iced tea, but it is very sweet, so I imagine that the tea is loaded with calories. I find myself wishing that “sweet” tea could come sweetened with Truvia instead of sugar because then it would be calorie free. When I order the tea “unsweetened” and then add the Truvia to it myself it just isn’t quite as good because it is more difficult for the Truvia to melt into the tea once it has cooled down. I have tried it a few times and for the most part the Truvia settles down to the bottom of the cup pretty quickly, no matter how much I stir the tea in the glass.

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