• Wrapping my head around India

    Every now and then I read a news story about how some wealthy family has been caught in a human trafficking situation. The victims tell stories of beatings and abuse, and eventually the family is convicted of the crime. The victims are usually females, and were either kidnapped into the human trafficking, or sold into it by their families. Today I was reading a story about the human trafficking situation in India, where it appears to be commonplace. The article was explaining that the culture of India provides that even the poorest middle-class family has servants.

    A few months ago I was reading a story about how the country of India has a cultural problem in regards to valuing male children over female children because the female is expected to bring a large dowry to a marriage. So many of the families in India cannot afford to provide that large dowry, so many of the female children are mistreated or killed. And although it is illegal to have abortions because of gender preference, many women ARE having abortions because of that. Apparently many of those that are not aborted, or killed are sold into human trafficking! The male expects to get rich from his wife’s dowry, but that is not happening. This leaves a lot of men that never get married because there are no women to marry.

    And then if I recall correctly, not very long ago I saw a segment on television, perhaps it was on 60 minutes, where the people of India buy a lot of gold jewelry because they like to show off their wealth. Even poor people are spending a lot of their money on gold.

    All of these news stories combines are really making me glad that I do not live in India! These are some messed up situations!

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