• Those durn hackers

    One of the things that really annoys the heck out of me is when I get a message popping up on my computer telling me that an anti-virus software program that I never heard of before has “found” problems and if I want them fixed to click on their “ok” button. Well, I know that means that if I click “ok” what I am really doing is letting the evil hackers that have obviously entered my computer on the sly even further into my machine. So I absolutely do not want to click “ok.” But the window refuses to let me close it, or minimize it. So the game of cat and mouse begins. Hours spent googling the names of different viruses and trojans, malware bytes updated and run, spybot updated and run, programs uninstalled, suspicious files investigated and deleted, files cleaned up, hard drive defragged, hours and hours of pain in the neck work that I really don’t have the time to do, but do it anyway if I want my computer to keep running.

    Thank goodness I have decent security software – it could have been much worse.

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