• Fuzzy socks

    I have a pair of very comfy fuzzy footie socks that were given to me for Christmas. They are turquoise in color, and I love how silky they feel on my feet. I like to wear them to bed at night because they keep my feet nice and warm. Seems that I have cold feet all year long! So I often find myself wearing socks to bed, because if my feet are cold I can’t sleep at all. The funny thing about these little footie socks, though, is that when I take them off my feet are covered with turquoise fuzz! Even between my toes!

    At first I thought that if the socks were laundered a few times they would stop shedding the fuzz on my feet. But I have laundered them at least a dozen times, and still I get fuzzy toes! I wonder if they will ever stop shedding!

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