• The Borrowers

    Guest Post by Linda Bradshaw

    Do you remember, as a child, reading any of the books of “The borrowers” series? The books, written by Mary Norton, Beth Krush and Joe Krushwere, were based on the premise that there are very small people, called The Borrowers, that will live in small areas of the “regular” sized people’s houses, similar to mouse-holes. These little folks sneak out of their abodes and into the “big” people’s places and “borrow” things to take and use in their own homes. Naturally the things that they borrow tend to be small items, and they are usually not used the way that the “big” people would normally use them. The little folks would “re-purpose” the items to serve some different purpose in their own homes. Those stories always fascinated me. Now that I think about it, that could be how I developed an interest in re-purposing items instead of throwing items away!

    Lately I have been finding that a lot of small things of mine have been disappearing. For example, a book that I’ve been reading is no where to be found. And a bill that I needed to pay has just completely vanished. I find these incidences very frustrating. I wonder if a family of “Borrowers” has moved into my house!

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