• Just Breathe

    It’s no secret that we not only¬† have become an over weight and stressed out society as well as getting more and more sleep deprived along the way. There are so many products out there that are supposed to help people get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed and well rested, the main and most important of all, your bed and mattress. We have all being seeing the TV commercials for many many years for many big name beds and mattresses, that are being endorsed by many A-List celebrities. But let’s face it these products are not cheap but we are willing to dish our big bucks out in an effort to get our 8 hours of sleep that we all need.

    I’ve just heard at work that a latex mattress is the way to go, which floored me since I had not even heard of a latex mattress before. After coming home I took just a moment to Google “latex mattress” and found it to be hypo-allergenic, they provide the support and pressure relief that keeps your back and neck from hurting. And interestingly enough that they breathe and regulate the temperature for you, which is something important for so many of us.

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