• What a Concept

    I have been asked to check out san diego beach house rentals at BeachHouse.com for my aunt and uncle who just refuse to get on board with the rest of the world and buy a computer and learn how to use it. It’s not like they are in the 80’s or 90’s for heaven’s sake, they are just now in their early 70’s and in decent health, both retired and just as happy as can be until it comes down to having to ask other friends or family members to help with things that they could do for themselves if only they would put forth the effort to do so.

    I don’t mind helping them, really. It’s just that they could benefit so much from going online. We have a fairly large family that has some how managed to spread themselves all over the country and some are out of the country. The World Wide Web has made it all so much easier to find and keep people from all walks of your life. Some senior citizens will learn just enough to use email and how to download pictures that they can send and share with people in the Contact List. If I could get my aunt and uncle to do just that that would be a great start and maybe open up the gate a bit for them and could possibly lead to FACEBOOK, what a concept!

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