• Christmas Trees

    Last Christmas season was the last time that I plan to ever have to deal with all of the issues that go along with a real live Christmas tree that was hand picked, chopped down and transported back to the house, which is just the beginning of the never ending battle with those pesky pine needles. Dealing with all of those needles all through the house for well over a month’s time just ruins the whole “real Christmas tree” experience for me.

    A lot of folks say that they like the smell of the a pine tree in the house. But since I have such nasal problems, my sense of smell has diminished so much that I can’t smell that pine tree scent at all! So I don’t even get that aroma that is supposed to play such a big part of the whole holiday experience. I miss all the special holiday smells that I grew up enjoying.

    With all being said, I’m so glad that we are going to use an artificial christmas tree this year. I think it is even one of those prelit christmas trees. I just know that we got a great deal on it and I was impressed with how pretty it was going to look with all of our decorations adorning it.  Guess I’ll find out when I go down into the basement next weekend to start looking around, shifting some boxes and see what I will be wanting to break out and use this year. We have so much holiday stuff! There is no way I could use all of it each year, although I’d love to if I had the space for it all. Christmas is my favorite holiday for decorations.

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