• Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

    Even though Harris Teeter is one of the more pricey grocery stores that we have here in town I have to say that I really enjoy going there and will make a point to start going there more often. I’ll just have to bring my coupons (they double coupons there) and buy things that are on sale and I’ll do just fine by shopping smartly.

    Last week I had bought some strawberries that were moldy the very next day when I reached into my refrigerator which prompted me to call the store and talk with the Produce Manager who apologized and urged me to bring the receipt in for a complete refund. So today I had to drive right by the store so I decided to go ahead and pop on in and take care of the refund so that I can throw the receipt away and make more room in my wallet for other pieces of paper that make their homes in my wallet.

    The gal at the Customer Service Center was very nice and promptly apologized and not only gave me the $7.98 back for the moldy strawberries but an additional $7.98 because they have a double your money back guarantee on all of their produce. Something I had no idea about, but is certainly appreciated.

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