• Halloween Karaoke

    This year I have been asked to help round up some karaoke stuff for our annual Halloween party at work. We don’t go all out for the Christmas holidays at work because people are all ready over whelmed at that time, so we really do it up big for Halloween. We haven’t ever ventured into Karaoke, so this will be very interesting and hopefully very entertaining. I’ve found a lot of cool stuff online today, acekaraoke seems to be on the top of the list at this point. I don’t have much time and don’t want to have to spread myself too thin so tomorrow I’ll show what I have come up with to my manager and take it from there. It should be a blast. I’m gonna try and take plenty of pictures this year, since last year no one thought to bring a camera except for a few cell phones that take some pretty crappy photos. And we had so many cool costumes last year. Can’t wait to see how absurd some of my co workers get this year.

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