• Dinner Talk About Custom Computers

    My oldest brother, who is the computer whiz of the family, is the kind of guy that has to have the latest and best of every type of technology that he can get his hands on. He was always like that as a kid, something that we all thought and hoped that he would grow out of, but obviously he didn’t. Right now he looking at various types of custom computers, something that is just a wee bit over my head at this point, not that he is asking for my opinion or help with any of this. It’s just that during the family Thanksgiving dinner I will be sitting close to him and I like to be able to talk with about things that are going in with him in his life or else we will just sit there and look at each other. He isn’t much on talking unless it is something that he is into, not the type for dinner talk at all. Something that he never grew out of either.

    Guess I take a look around online and find something out about these custom computers. He isn’t married, doesn’t have kids, has worked at the same place since his Junior year in high school. So there really isn’t a whole heck of a lot that we have in common other than family and that gets tiresome talking about all the time.

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