• Finding help when you need it

    One of the scariest things a family can face is the prospect of homelessness. In the recent past I have had different family members, or dear friends, face homelessness. I have been trying to find local resources that are available to help people in these situations, and to be perfectly honest, they are not easy to locate! I did find a website that gives out information about low income housing to a wide area of the country, and I was looking through it to see if any of it was pertinent to where I live. There was a search engine within the website where people are encouraged to type in their zip code to find results for low income housing.

    On a whim, I entered my zip code. No results were found. I started to try neighboring counties and found no results. I have to admit that for my location I was a little bit disappointed in that, but the website does have links to other places that could prove useful in dealing with low income issues. There was information about the Lifeline telephone service that provides free telephone service to low income families, and information about EBT (food stamps) to help low income people to obtain the food that they need. The website also has advice on how to deal with eviction notices and foreclosures. All in all it is a fairly helpful website for people with low income challenges.

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