• The software that does it all

    Back in the early 1990’s I can remember when our office finally got around to mechanizing the work of the engineering and construction department. Up to that point there were a lot of different types of machines being used to submit information that would be printed out on paper and then had to be delivered somehow to another building. Back then we depended on the inter-office mail system where people put their paper work into large manilla envelopes that had strings on them to tie them closed. Every day a mail clerk would come by and pick up the outgoing inter-office mail, sort it according to destination and then a company truck would come and pick up the mail and take it to a central sorting location where it would be further routed and then delivered the next day to the final destination. Our company essentially had their own little post office going. Many companies had systems similar to that; I can remember seeing a lot of black and white television shows where different departments sent mail to each other via vacuum tubes.

    Now it seems as if every organization I see has mechanized so much that even thinking about the not-too-distant days of the 90’s and the hand-delivery method of inter-office mail and orders seems so antiquated! Sophisticated Distribution Software does the work of several people, and never asks for paid vacations, sick days, or medical benefits. The information age is wonderful in theory, but the displaced workers are struggling to adjust to the new age of computers. It will be interesting to see how it all works out in the end!

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