• Macaroni and cheese

    When I was married to my first husband he complained whenever I served macaroni and cheese as part of a dinner. He would say “macaroni and cheese is for poor people.” Apparently his mother fed her children a lot of macaroni and cheese dinners when they were growing up. I can certainly understand why she would do that, it is an inexpensive source of protein, and most children love the taste of it. (Although I have one niece that won’t eat macaroni and cheese even though she loves to eat squares of snack cheese. Go figure.)

    I’ve always enjoyed macaroni and cheese. The warm creamy sauce melts in my mouth. The macaroni noodles are soft enough and small enough that you really don’t have to chew it before swallowing it. (Although nutritionists insist you should chew your food thoroughly.) I also like to use macaroni and cheese box mixes as a base for several different family friendly casseroles. All you have to do is add some pre-cooked meat, some peas or corn, a little bit of ketchup or mayo, sprinkle some crushed crackers or potato chips on top, serve it with warm dinner rolls and you’ve got a meal fit for a king!

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