• A good plumber is worth his weight in gold

    Several years ago I was quite impressed by a short story that I had read in one of those women’s magazines that you see displayed on the racks beside the check-out counter at the grocery stores. I can’t say for sure which magazine it was because I enjoy several different ones and am not a faithful follower of any of them. I have found that after about a year they tend to start to regurgitate the exact same information. For example almost every month the magazines are displaying headlines about great new ways to save money at the grocery store. I’ve fallen victim to that headline a few times in my life. A few years go by and I see that headline again and I wonder “what is new and great that will save me money at the store?” But it is the same old routine tips that I’ve been doing for decades.

    Anyway, back to this particular short story. It was apparently a short story of fiction, written in the first person. The storyteller was a female and she told of how she had become recently divorced (or widowed, I don’t recall which) and how she was struggling with dealing with life without a husband to help her deal with the issues of home ownership. Seems as if her hot water heating calgary unit had stopped working and she had to call a plumber to come fix it. When the plumber arrived he took his shoes off (so as to not track dirt into the house) and fixed the water heater in twenty minutes. He left a mess on the floor around the water heater and then presented her with a bill that charged her for an hour’s worth of work. She freaked out and started to yell and cry and he ended up spending the rest of that hour that she was paying for cleaning up his mess and doing chores around her house! And she ended up marrying the guy at the end of the story. I can remember thinking how cool it was that she made him work out the rest of his billed hour. I wish I had the nerve to do something like that!

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