• Five romantic gifts for your partner

    It is customary nowadays to give your loved one gifts on Valentine’s Day and other obvious occasions, say birthdays and anniversaries.

    However, some of the most enjoyable experiences happen when people do things off the cuff, or unplanned. You don’t have to wait until the 14th of February to give gifts to her.

    A gesture becomes all the more romantic when its only purpose is to say I love you.

    A surprise romantic picnic can be made into a very special occasion with the right planning, warm weather and romantic scenery. Put together a hamper of all their favourite foods and throw in a bottle of champagne for an extra touch of glamour.

    romantic gift basket

    romantic gift basket

    We all like to wear nice underwear, yet sometimes in an established relationship lingerie gets relegated to the bottom drawer in favour of comfort. Surprise your partner with some glamorous silk lingerie, but be sure to get the sizing right or it could end up a disaster!

    Perfume is one of those luxury items that many of us begin to see as an expensive necessity. A bottle of your partner’s signature scent as a special treat should go down well on any occasion.

    Jewelry is another wonderful gift that can convey your feelings quicker and more fully than words sometimes can. Remember that most people would rather receive a small piece of high-quality jewelry rather than a large cheap item. Quality not quantity is the key.

    Yourself! That’s right, give yourself as a gift. What could show your love more than giving yourself completely to the one you love? This could mean many things, from a proposal of marriage to wrapping yourself up in a ribbon offering your undivided attention.

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