• The perfect Christmas wish book

    Do you remember as a kid getting the Sears Christmas wish book in the mail sometime around Thanksgiving? Boy, do I ever remember spending many hours drooling over all of the great toys that I would see in that toy section! And then as a teenager I would pour over the photographs of the women’s clothing, or over some new bedroom curtains with matching bedspreads. As a child I really did not get out of the house very often, so the Sears Christmas wish book was like a window to the world for me. I did not watch a lot of television, had no subscriptions to any fashion magazines, I really had no idea of what was going to be in fashion if it wasn’t for the catalogs that came in the mail.

    Now with the Internet’s arrival into our household our view of the world has become significantly larger! I can order my undies online from VS, and order my cool new gadgets for my tool box from the tool supply website. I just wish that when I ordered tools online that I could order them with pink handles so that my husband would not get away with taking my tools and not returning them, and then claiming that they were his all along!

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