• Gun control is a hot topic

    Gun control is one of the hot topics that I try to avoid discussing with many of my friends and family. The terrible shootings that seem to keep happening seem to polarize the two sides of the issue. I don’t understand why so many people say that this type of thing is proof that we need to have MORE people carrying guns everywhere. When a friend told me today that this shooting in the elementary school I just found myself wondering why in the world are these crazy people getting their hands on guns?

    And yet as soon as anyone mentions the suggestion about making the process of buying and owning guns more difficult for the mentally ill people, there is an uproar from so many gun enthusiasts about their right to bear arms! I can understand their concerns about who gets to determine who is mentally ill and who can own guns and who can’t own guns, but we really need to be doing SOMETHING more to protect the innocent people that become the victims of crazy people with guns.

    People today were telling me that they felt that all of the teachers and staff in a school should be armed so that they could protect the children and themselves from any crazy person that comes into the school and starts to shoot up the place. Just the thought of teachers carrying loaded weapons while in school, instructing young children gives me the creeps.

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