• What exactly are they looking for?

    When Nora told me that her employers announced that everyone in her company was going to have to submit to a benzodiazepines drug test I became very curious. Sure, it’s a non-invasive pee in a cup test, but what exactly are they looking for? If the test results show positive, it could easily mean that they are following doctor’s orders – to cope with a problem in their life. They could be coping with depression, or anxiety, and why that is any of their employer’s business I have no idea at all.

    Sometimes I think that these tests go a little bit too far. Sure, I agree that testing employees, and testing people on probation, and testing job applicants for illegal activities is fair and important. Perhaps even testing the people that are on unemployment benefits, and testing foster parents would be appropriate. But there has to be a line drawn somewhere, and to be testing for substances that are not illegal simply seems to be wrong to me somehow. Before you know it when people come to work in the morning, or come back from a break will be ordered to take a breathalyzer test and some type of tobacco test to make sure that the employees did not indulge in these legal activities while on their own time. Where will they draw the line?

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