• Late Night TV

    Couldn’t sleep last night, so I turned the TV onto CBS and watched some late night TV. Usually I fall asleep sometime during the Letterman Show, but last night I watched all of Craig Ferguson, too. I really like the Craig Ferguson show, I just can’t stay awake that late to watch it.

    Yeah, I’m a wimp. Actually, the Craig Ferguson show comes on here at 11:30 and I have to get up every morning at 5:00, so do the math – that’s just not enough sleep. But last night – or this morning if you want to get technical – it’s after midnight and I can’t fall asleep. So this gawd-awful show comes on starring that snotty ex-model, Tyra Banks. OMG! What a crap show, no way could I even consider watching more than 5 minutes of that! I had to change the channel and listen to CNN for about 20 minutes until I fell asleep out of total boredom.

    I don’t have very many channels on the TV in my bedroom. In an effort to cut back on some of the monthly expenses, so the TV set out in the living room has the DVR and gets the most channels of all, which still isn’t all that much

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