• Brochure Printing Services Available

    Even though I am pretty hand dandy on the computer and there are so many things that a computer can do today, I still think that my sister needs to use a professional Brochure Printing Services that will do a bang up job for what she and her manager are looking for. They are putting together a Grand Opening for a book store in the old town mall, which is something that in my opinion we need more of. It is very difficult to find a bookstore these days. I’m assuming because of the Internet and other technology that are making real books unnecessary.  If I want to go to a book store I have to drive a minimum of 50 minutes, that’s a lot of time and gas to buy a book!

    Coming from a family of avid readers I’m not surprised that one of us hasn’t worked/managed or owned a bookstore. I’ll only have to drive 20 minutes to get to their selection of new and used books, which I’m excited about. I don’t think I’ll ever own a Kindle, holding a good book in your hands, well there just isn’t anything like it in the world. Plus I like to read in the bath tub, it would suck to drop something in the tub that could get ruined and possibly electrocute myself in the process.


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